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Become a Warrior Inside and Outside the Gym


I have been training with Khaled for two and a half years. He is a dynamic trainer that caters to his client’s specific needs. Sessions are always fun and never boring with workouts ranging from Muay Thai to Kettlebells, from strength training and conditioning to cardio and endurance. I have seen significant changes not only physically but mentally as well. He is very flexible, understanding and encouraging to me and his clients. Highly recommended!
— Amanda Ni, Real Estate
Training with Khaled has been a huge blessing in my life. Through boxing, Muay Thai, and conditioning he has not only helped get me in the best shape I’ve ever been in but also given me a whole new sense of confidence in my abilities & myself, and has helped me grow physically and mentally. I can tend to be shy but Khaled has shown me it’s okay to be bold and be a badass and have fun with it!
— Ari Abboud, Interior Designer
I’ve been going to Warrior Style training for 6 months and I simply cannot get enough! I’ve noticed the most amazing transformations in my shape and my endurance. I recommend private, semi private or classes to anyone that is serious about their training regimen.
— Diane Sodre, Model
I have been working with Khaled for 2 years now and in that time he has continually encouraged and motivated me to do better in each session. As well as challenge me to do things outside of my comfort zone to increase my endurance and strength. His attention to detail and correct form make me feel confident that I am getting the best results every time.
— Jess Barros, Art Director
I cannot say enough good things about Khaled. I stumbled upon his Instagram few years ago and decided to try him out. So happy I did because he has completely changed my workouts in the best way possible.
I had been boxing off and on for 12 or so years. I thought that I was pretty decent until I really started training regularly with him. There are so many trainers out there who just think of their clients as money and don’t really take the time to show you the proper technique. Khaled is the complete opposite. He cares, he constantly switches it up and keeps it fun! I actually look forward to training with him every week. I call it my therapy. It’s the one workout that you get so much out of of. The obvious is your physical shape but for me it’s the mental strength and decrease in stress. Plus you leave kinda feeling like a bad ass.
— Kai Lassen, Model
Training with Khaled has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. He’s transformed my body and somehow made working out super fun. I can now beat anyone up.
— Krispyshorts, Co-Founder of JerryMedia
I have been training with Khaled for over 5 years. When I first moved to New York, I was looking for a trainer to help me get in shape and into a routine. Khaled has helped me exceed my original goals. Each time we train he pushes me one step further and I have become fit, strong and more confident with my body. He’s a great fitness mentor and coach!
— Lea Teitelbaum, Architect
I’ve been training with Khaled since last summer and I got to be honest he still surprises me every class. His classes are always fun, he has a great sense of humor and still pushes me a little further every time.
My goal with him is not only to get in shape but to improve my performance. My skills got so much better, I’m faster, more confident and I have fun! Lots of fun every class! It’s amazing to feel strong, feminine and confident in my body! Thanks Khaled! Let’s keep going! Warrior Style
— Luna Castilho, Model
Khaled not only gets me more and more excited to do my next workout with him, but he helps push me to become better, fitter and stronger during every session or class. He understands that everyone has different bodies, and he works with your body to push you further into your fitness goals.
— Monika Clarke, Model
I have been working out with Khaled for 3 years. I looooove his work so much! He motivates me and always brings out my best! We have fun, we workout and learn!! Warrior style gloves are a dream!! so so so amazing!!
— Natalia Borges, Actress, Model
Khaled is a true warrior! He has been an awesome coach to me for the last 7 years, teaching me many skills from boxing to weight lifting. He is a truly caring person and someone who invests in continuous learning. It has been really 7 fun years together!
— Onur Erzan, management consultant
Khaled will make you fall in love with Muay Thai and you will be drenched in sweat whether or not you’re good at it! He is always such a gem to go train with and makes it all worth it!
My body has reacted to his workout in a way I am so happy about! I’ve never felt this strong and badass! Thank you Khaled! Looking forward to all the coming kickass sessions!!
— Romane Recalde, Model, Actress
Incredible trainer not only for boxing and Muay Thai. Very flexible and understanding to each individual’s personal needs and wants for fitness. Highly recommended!
— Tanis Chalopin, musician