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Become a Warrior Inside and Outside the Gym

The Founder


Khaled Zeidan’s love of martial arts began at a very young age.


Growing up in Lebanon during times of civil unrest when running around outside wasn't always an option, Bruce Lee movies and Tae Kwon Do were effective outlets to release some of his 10-year-old energy. As he grew, so did his interest in martial arts, expanding to include Western Boxing and Muay Thai.


In 2001, Khaled moved to New York City.


He worked retail by day and trained in mixed martial arts by night – eventually becoming an amateur Muay Thai fighter. He soon realized that martial arts and fitness could be his career and he decided to turn his passion into his profession.

Khaled became certified as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and over time has added certifications in Kettlebell (SFG I), Group Fitness (AFAA), Precision Nutrition, Pilates and more. Today, his expertise is diverse and his training methods reflect this diversity. Khaled combines functional training, traditional strength training, cardio, martial arts, and nutrition, allowing the body to perform daily activities with ease, fluidity, strength, and confidence.