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Become a Warrior Inside and Outside the Gym

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Private & Semi-Private Training

Private training is the ideal way to achieve the best possible results in the shortest period of time. Semi-private training lets you share a customized workout with friends.


1 Private Session



10 Private Sessions



Semi-Private Session



*If you purchase 10 private sessions, you will receive a gift certificate. To redeem a session, click the “Book Private Session” tab above or follow this link.


Group Classes

Group classes are a fun, inspiring, and effective introduction to Warrior Style training for all fitness levels. FIRST TIME WARRIORS get two classes for the price of one!


1 Group Class



2 Classes First Time



4 Group Classes



*If you purchase 2 classes (first time) or 4 classes, you will receive a gift certificate. To redeem a class, click the “Book 1 Class” tab above or follow this link.



Khaled will make you fall in love with Muay Thai and you will be drenched in sweat whether or not you’re good at it! He is always such a gem to go train with and makes it all worth it!
My body has reacted to his workout in a way I am so happy about! I’ve never felt this strong and badass! Thank you Khaled! Looking forward to all the coming kickass sessions!!
— Romane Recalde, Model, Actress
I’ve been going to Warrior Style training for 6 months and I simply cannot get enough! I’ve noticed the most amazing transformations in my shape and my endurance. I recommend private, semi private or classes to anyone that is serious about their training regimen.
— Diane Sodre, Model