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Become a Warrior Inside and Outside the Gym

The Concept

Warrior Style training is a powerful mind/body workout.


The Warrior Style training method combines Muay Thai and western boxing techniques with bodyweight strength drills and interval training. This produces many physical and mental benefits, including: a strong, lean physique, greater cardiovascular capacity and muscle tone, decreased body fat, increased focus, and reduced stress.


Private & Semi-Private Training

Sessions are designed to benefit students of all levels, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete. New Warriors learn the basic movements required for shadowing and pad work. Advanced Warriors will participate in one-on-one and/or group sparring. Private & semi-private training is available at select facilities in NYC, or I can come to you.

Group Classes

Warrior training begins with a short warm up, followed by technical movement drills and shadowboxing to perfect form. Then, circuit training with stations including partner drills, pad/bag work, cardio and body-weight strength training. Warrior training ends with a cool-down, rooted in elements of Yoga and Pilates, ensuring the gradual recovery of the body to pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure.



I have been training with Khaled for over 5 years. When I first moved to New York, I was looking for a trainer to help me get in shape and into a routine. Khaled has helped me exceed my original goals. Each time we train he pushes me one step further and I have become fit, strong and more confident with my body. He’s a great fitness mentor and coach!
— Lea Teitelbaum, Architect
I cannot say enough good things about Khaled. I stumbled upon his Instagram few years ago and decided to try him out. So happy I did because he has completely changed my workouts in the best way possible.
I had been boxing off and on for 12 or so years. I thought that I was pretty decent until I really started training regularly with him. There are so many trainers out there who just think of their clients as money and don’t really take the time to show you the proper technique. Khaled is the complete opposite. He cares, he constantly switches it up and keeps it fun! I actually look forward to training with him every week. I call it my therapy. It’s the one workout that you get so much out of of. The obvious is your physical shape but for me it’s the mental strength and decrease in stress. Plus you leave kinda feeling like a bad ass.
— Kai Lassen, Model